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“The moniker of songwriter and musician Rory McDonald, Voodoo Bloo and their new music comes to punk rock fans with urgency and excitement powering it throughout.”


- Skope Magazine -

Who are Voodoo Bloo?

Voodoo Bloo are an energetic young indie  rock bandfrom New Zealand. Some say we have a 80's retro style  like  "The Cure", "The Smiths" , "Interpol" and "Joy Division".

Rory McDonald (Singer / Guitar) – Rory brings a rich soothing vocal line to most songs, although the odd growl and shout is thrown in to surprise you. Rory is the main songwriter of the band, and the songs are maturing every week. 

Daniel Maslen (Guitar) - Daniel really adds several layers of weird noises missing from the first album created from a multitude of pedals. His on-stage presence is mesmerising to watch, although with long flowing locks of hair we still haven’t managed to get a good look at his face.

Harrison Yates (Bass) – Harrison  is the newest member of the band and has taken over bass playing duties from Oli. Harrison  has recently moved back from studying in Dunedin. Has played in bands for many years  .

Jackson Kidd (Drums) - Jackson’s drumming is fast and furious but with precision that really adds energy to all of VB’s tracks. Complex fills, tempo variations and time signature changes make Jackson one of the best drummers we have ever seen. And while doing all of this he sings backing vocals, wow!

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Why Voodoo Bloo? – Written by Rory McDonald


I started Voodoo Bloo as I wanted to start a new chapter in my musical career, whilst still using the knowledge I gained from my previous band, to try and make something really special to me. My debut album “Jacobus” (released on December 4th) was recorded at PlasticGroove HQ, and has been worked on by Greg Haver (Mix production adviser), Scott Seabright (Mixing), and Ryan Smith (Mastering).


The same team were put together to create “The Blessed Ghost”, an album that has completely pulled the band from their past, and finally giving our listeners something that has all our signature sounds placed in a way you had never imagined before.


In 2020 we played multiple charity shows for Lifeline Aotearoa (an organisation focused on suicide prevention and mental health treatment) around New Zealand, and also released a music video for our 3rd single “Ha Ha Ok Ok”. (See the music video here).


VB are signed to independent label PlasticGroove Records.

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