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The Blessed Ghost LYRICS

The blessed ghost (younger then)

The blessed ghost (younger then)

While you play my emotions
I play make believe
Always been a big fan of this broken dream

My weighted heart falls from its place

The blessed ghost's getting harder to see
The guidance of a ghoul once in front of me

From the start I was losing this race

And one day I know you'll leave this place
A whole wide world you've wanted to chase
A photo never captures the sweetest face

Do you wanna find a hideout and dream with me
Let imagination turn into reality
Sometimes it's hard to see the lines you've traced

Whatever's best
Whatever works
For someone to be happy someone’s gotta get hurt
And I don't mind taking one for the team

We're here, love is somewhere else
Rhubarb and custard
For Asterisk (Still WIP, don't listen yet)


I'll wear your skin
I'll cut you off
I'll wear facades
My personas lost

So head down
coz it's barely a pinch or a bruise
So head down
Coz you don’t know how to choose
So head down
Coz you cannot win or lose
So head down
That tone of voice is abusing you

A senseless man
Tried as hard as he can
To keep himself within
But I've taken his skin

So head down
coz it's barely a pinch or a bruise
So head down
Coz you don’t know how to choose
So head down
Coz you cannot win or lose or lose
So head down
That tone of voice is abusing you

I will tear your skin off
I will make a mess of your head
You will bleed (repeated 4x)

For Asterisk (Still WIP, don't listen yet)

What can you do
To me if I've stopped living
I know you're right
Deep inside
The wound

Don't leave me in the corner
Like you always do

And I'm tired of
Changing things

What's happening
To me?

What's happening
To me?

One day I'll
Take control
A dollars
No longer
A chance
To blow

I'm scared
Of who I am
Am I fit
To be

And I'm home right where you are

The voices in your mind
Told the poltergeist
He's welcome over anytime

You wrote the songs bout how
You're gonna leave me now
I’ll never see
Without those eyes
I don't believe

He's picking up the keys
My Mephistopheles
Come back to me
The good needs evil
To live free


My  only

My ghosts become unholy

I'm safe now

not lost for words

Tomorrow person

I can
Tell that
Everything's changing now
Why though?
Not yet

My hands
Are burnt
From lighting up this town
But I
Can't go

When will this ever end?
Why though?
Not yet

Tomorrow person
Read what I'm writing down
Tell me
I did well

Tell me
I'm happy
In twenty years from now
That I gave
The world hell

When will this ever end?
Why though?

Tomorrow person
Get off my back

And that's when he yelled "shut up
Just shut up
And lie on the floor"

Oh, please get off my back
Or else you'll take my fists
Please stay off my back

I thought we could be friends
For I know you
As well as you know me

Tomorrow Person

Please just don't let me down

I have hope

For now


Were promised
So much, A tide still turns the same old sea
Your ideologies don't win no lottery

Are getting
So old my faiths inside your skin and bone

Though what
It holds
Is all that I know

Your hand
I guess I'll try to do just what I can
But understand
That I am just a man

Aching hard
When can we end this walk to somewhere far
This road
I roam
Is all that I know

So I guess
You're the next one in line
Twins not of blood
But mind

Cannot find
Where your end meets mine
My way
Your eyes
We'll go there
In time

An    even number seven
My own stranger kind of heaven
Too lost
To find
Your gates

The pieces to
Your puzzle never seem to fall in place
But I
Will keep on trying just in case

So I guess
You're the one place to hide
Twins not of blood
But mind

Cannot find
Where your end meets mine
My way
Your eyes
We'll go there

All is well
All is hell
All is well inside this hell

All is well
All is
All is hell

So I guess you're the love of my

Rhubarb and custard

Do the voices in your head
Sound the same as mine?
When you said you'd stay out instead
I still left on the light
Just in case you got home safely through the night

How the hell do I know
When we'll run out of time?
If you hold my head up straight
I can screw back on my mind
Just to see how far we've come with blinded eyes


Your mouth runs
To find you
To be a
To be a

Hold me in your arms please (repeated 4x)

Ritalin! Ritalin! Rory give me ritalin! (repeated 4x)

Hold me in your arms please (repeated 4x)

Tomorrow person

Where will we go?
When we don't care for us?
Conjoin our egos
Shared with so much trust

And no amount of drugs
Can save us from ourselves
We're here
Love is somewhere else

I hate the sirens
Just passing by
The louder they get
The more that I feel
Tears fall from your eyes

And no amount of pain
Can make me stay away
You're here
I am somewhere else

Now that we are one
I will care for you
Like you've never been cared for before

Now that we are one
I'll remember you
As if all souls forgot you before


As this dream goes on
I've never felt
Quite so lost for words

Now that my body's gone
Into another realm
Wrapped in your comfort

They're taking pills to say
I'm the newest person
To not love themselves

A sober day
Is so far from here

At least I'll know
What these thoughts are for

I'm wrapped around your little finger
and I'm gonna be sick
I just spin around, can't get off of it

No conclusions for now
Goodbye is enough
To set me free, to let me down

I'm scared to sleep again
Haven't had this in years
Not since I started the Ritalin

A sober day
Is just no fun

At least I'll know
What these thoughts are for
I need a break from change
A choice that's over

I can only imagine
And imagine is what I'll do
I can only imagine
I'm chasing clouds in high pursuit

Look left and right before you cross my mind
Car crash of thoughts collided
Too drunk to drive

That ungodly stare
Your face is everywhere
It doesn't bother me

As you walk to the car
And you take your seat
You couldn't care
Who is left to kill in your race

You steer right by
I enter the taxi thinking
You couldn't care
If I was erased

So far so long
You're right I'm wrong
But can you see
How far away's that tree?



Oh that's right
It's been so many years
Hair so white
Bedshaped in all your fears
And all the noises that you heard
Will fade away before your eyes

Oh good night
To the things I hate
Now my life
Revolves around this game

I never cared there's work to do
But still scared of the thunder
I never cared to win or lose
In that never ending summer

Small is what
Aim to be
Because you’d
Never take me this
Lie through your teeth
Are we?

Who's right
I'm right
You're right
That’s right
Deep in a drowning pit of lies
Never appreciate the time (I've never felt myself alive)

You told me I'd always be your boy (now I'm on my own)
But that notion was destroyed
When I left behind my toys

I'll never be this young again ( I made friends with the character I play)
Until I live the bitter end
Think it's time to pretend
I am small

Feel my face
Is it smooth?
Don't grow up
I told you not to

Broke from change
From this
Dumb choice I made

Well at least I know what these thoughts are for
The lights are off you're not coming home
I found security on my own
The haunting ends I'm all alone

So small

So small

Down but not out, I don't know where I came from
Can't feel my face when I'm with you (repeated from beginning of last chorus till end)

Continuous stimulus

I can't seem To find my last cigarette
Some nights I feel like god takes me home
Some days I'm so scared to open up
Coz on the night before I was so strung out

You're a nervous wreck in a lampshade dress
Your presence creates a tummyache in my confidence
I'm sweating
I'm holier than now
I can't get up

Can't seem to find my next meal
But if I ate then why would I tell you?
I swear to god I'm doing just fine, but come on! Just take me home!
Blood angel wings are gliding through hell!
And I hear you breathing on the phone
"Just when will we arrive?" You ask
Just as we arrive!


I'm sweating!
I'm holier than now!
I can't get up!

When will arrive! Before the sun comes down! And we will get our peace!

I'm not sweating, just holier than thou, you can't get up!

When one door opens.
Another coffin closes.

The Blessed Ghost (older now)

So you thought life's easier
When you take all the people out who were worth your time
You can't pack up your life
Then put it on your shoulder and expect to do just fine

But the world won't see itself
We'll be right here where you left us
Only time will tell
Wish you could see yourself
Hope you find that magic mirror
That brings you home as well

And I know for a fact I don't usually talk this much
Nor do I sound anything like this at all
Generic goodbyes
Like all the best
My heads a mess

But the world won't see itself
We'll be right here where you left us
Only time will tell
Wish you could see yourself
Hope you find that magic mirror
That brings you home as well

You've done with my emotions and you've left the scene
Now this new page lets me paint reality
My lifted heart climbs up with grace
The blessed ghosts gotta ticket to go
I'm bad at goodbyes as I've already shown
I held him close
Felt the warm embrace
And for while I'd dread this day
Thought I'd crumble when I lost that face
I guess I'm gonna miss it but a pictures okay

The Blessed Ghost (older now)
Continuous stimulus
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